10 day live aboard expedition

Wildlife enthusiasts and photographers alike are invited to join Matty on the trip of a lifetime around these wild and historic islands in the heart of the coral triangle.

Matt will work with you to overcome photography challenges as they arise, making for a very dynamic ten days! This also makes the trip perfect for beginners and advanced photographers alike.

These dive expeditions are for you if:

* Feel frustrated that your skill level is progressing at a snail’s pace. 

* The photography principles and approaches you use on land are not translating underwater.

* You’ve invested in your gear and fear that you may never get the results you hoped for.

* You want a down to earth, experienced mentor to guide you through any hurdles, and resolve them in real time.

* You love spending time with new people in exotic destinations.



“I would definitely recommend Matt as a teacher. When he talks, you can see his passion about his work, it affected me on how enthusiastic he is about underwater photography. From his unique lighting techniques to stunning photos – he inspired me to push further in what I can do with my interest in UW photography”.
Dianne R


This immersive experience allows you to take time away from your everyday environment.


*Zero internet means the distractions of work, emails, social media disappear, allowing you to not only focus on your diving but to spend time with other like-minded people, listening to their stories and learning from their experience.

*The unlimited diving and mentoring on this trip accelerates your learning process so that you see improvements faster.

*The dive guides are sympathetic to photographers and understand underwater photography takes time; meaning you won’t be rushing around the dive sites!


“Matty’s inspiring work helped me make the transition from surf photography to dive photography. His down to earth nature makes him very approachable; I could ask various questions about different strobe techniques to different creative techniques. It’s often the minor tweaks which can have the greatest impact on your images. Matty’s extensive knowledge of underwater photography can help you with that”.