Underwater Photography Workshops

Hello, I'm Matty Smith

Underwater Photographer

I’m a underwater photographer, workshop leader & all round ocean enthusiast.

When I’m not in the water taking photographs I am usually  thinking about being in the water taking photographs.
I love showing people the treasures we have in our oceans, how fragile they are & the importance of protecting them.

Underwater Photography Workshops

Underwater Photography


Take better photos…

The waters of Sydney and NSW are abundant with incredible underwater photography opportunities just waiting to be taken. Join international award winning underwater photographer Matty Smith on one of his underwater photography workshops. Ranging from beginner to advanced around Sydney, Wollongong and trips further afield in Australia and abroad.

Underwater Photography Workshops

Underwater Photography


Brighten your space…

A selection of Matty’s favourite, limited edition fine art prints from his highly collectable and iconic “man of war” portfolio to his beloved and mystical sea dragons.

Underwater Photography Workshops

Q&A with Matty

Stay up to date with the latest in underwater photography with Matty’s tips and tricks from capture to download, post process as well of reviews of new camera equipment to hit the market. It’s a continually growing collection of underwater photography resources.

Aquatica AD850 Housing/Nikon D850 review

I love underwater photography, I really do! And I guess if you’re reading this you have some level of interest too. What I love nearly as much as underwater photography itself is technology and gear advancements that enhance and improve the whole picture taking...

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Giant dome port for over/under photographs

To create an over under photo you are basically creating a window into another world where light and focus behave on a totally different playing field, especially when shooting through a curved optic such as a dome shaped port.   The interaction of the curved surface...

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