Underwater Photography Workshops

Hello, I'm Matty Smith

Underwater Photographer


I lead underwater photography workshops and build custom equipment for

underwater photographers to help them stand out

and take memorable photos.


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Underwater Photography Workshops

Underwater Photography


Take better photos…

Learning underwater photography can feel overwhelming. Trying to figure out what you need to learn and what order to learn it in.

I understand how frustratingly slow the learning process can be when you’re trying to figure things out on your own. The endless google searches and trial and error leave you wondering if you’ll ever be able to take the photos you imagine.

In these workshops I’ll walk you through information and insights that have taken me years to learn, so you can fast track your learning and improve your photos sooner.



Underwater Photography Workshops

Underwater Photography


Brighten your space…

A selection of Matty’s favourite, limited edition fine art prints from his highly collectable and iconic “man of war” portfolio to his beloved and mystical sea dragons.

For the best chance of getting your orders by Xmas please place them before 2nd December.
Please note that all orders placed from 15th Dec will not be printed until mid January. 

Underwater Photography Workshops

Q&A with Matty

Stay up to date with the latest in underwater photography with Matty’s tips and tricks from capture to download, post process as well of reviews of new camera equipment to hit the market. It’s a continually growing collection of underwater photography resources.

How to avoid BACKSCATTER in underwater photos

Backscatter is the illumination of particles in the water by your lights. It's the nemesis of underwater photographers. Although it can never be eliminated completely, by paying attention to our strobe positioning we can reduce it greatly.

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How to remove SCRATCHES from a plastic DOME PORT

Nothing ruins an underwater photograph quicker than scratches on your dome port. In this video I show you a quick and easy way to remove a large scratch from a plastic/acrylic dome port. Everything you need can be purchased from a regular hardware store for about...

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