Q&A with Matty

5 tips for starting out in underwater photography

Safety safety safety! Only enter the ocean to shoot if you’re a competent swimmer and never do it alone! It’s easy to get distracted taking your shot and not realise you’re drifting off shore and into danger. If you’re shooting around rock pools check the swell and...

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Giant dome port for over/under photographs

To create an over under photo you are basically creating a window into another world where light and focus behave on a totally different playing field, especially when shooting through a curved optic such as a dome shaped port.    The interaction of the curved surface...

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Nikkor 8-15mm Review

In May 2017 Nikon released the Nikkor 8-15mm F3.5-4.5 E ED fisheye lens. It’s an FX lens predominantly aimed at full frame cameras, but it will also work very well on DX (D500, D7500 etc).   On FX cameras it creates a full circular image in the centre of the frame at...

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