Q&A with Matty

Aquatica AD850 Housing/Nikon D850 review

I love underwater photography, I really do! And I guess if you’re reading this you have some level of interest too. What I love nearly as much as underwater photography itself is technology and gear advancements that enhance and improve the whole picture taking...

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Giant dome port for over/under photographs

To create an over under photo you are basically creating a window into another world where light and focus behave on a totally different playing field, especially when shooting through a curved optic such as a dome shaped port.   The interaction of the curved surface...

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Nikkor 8-15mm Review

In May 2017 Nikon released the Nikkor 8-15mm F3.5-4.5 E ED fisheye lens. It’s an FX lens predominantly aimed at full frame cameras, but it will also work very well on DX (D500, D7500 etc).   On FX cameras it creates a full circular image in the centre of the frame at...

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