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Thank you for your interest in my Introduction to Underwater Photography workshop. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing my students take their first steps into improving their underwater photography and taking photographs they are proud of. In order to assess if this course is the correct one for you and to maximise your enjoyment and learning experience, please complete the form below and pay at the checkout.

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10 reviews for Introduction to Underwater Photography Workshop

  1. Gary Arnold

    My son (13yr old) and I have just completed Matty Smith’s Introduction to Underwater Photography. This is a great course. Matty takes to time to explain how to set up the camera to get the best results and works with each individual to help them achieve this setup. His knowledge of underwater photography is vast and he freely passes on tips and tricks to help you get the best photo possible.

    My son and I both thoroughly enjoyed this course and got a lot out of it. I am re-invigorated in my approach to underwater photography and would personally recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve the results of their underwater photography.

    Thank you Matt.

  2. Lisa D

    I really enjoyed Matty’s underwater photography course. The technical information I learned just in the first hour of the classroom session was worth the money. I really enjoyed the second dive at Bushrangers Bay. Matty is patient, approachable and a lovely bloke. His knowledge and skills are second to none and I’m so happy he is sharing them with us. Thanks Matt

  3. Sue G

    Just finished the Matty Smith UW photography course and it was exceptionally good. I learned more in the two days than years of trial and error.
    I can now take an in-focus shot with a defined subject and beautiful blue water in the background!!
    The class had 9 people with varying experience levels and different cameras with and without strobes/lights.
    Matty was a great teacher patiently going through manual settings for our cameras and strobes.
    The course covered settings, exposures, composition, how to position yourself near a subject, lots of tips and post editing and pic management.
    And we worked on our own images from our two dives where we practiced what we learned.
    Matty is a great and generous teacher distilling years of professional knowledge into easily understandable methods.
    I recommend this course to anyone wanting to either start or improve their UW photography.

  4. Chris Meyer

    An awesome workshop I highly recommend for any underwater photographer.
    I had little to no knowledge on photography beyond point and shoot and walked out with the knowledge to shoot 5 star shots. Matty’s workshop ran us through the basics of photography and then how to apply that underwater. We covered everything from setting up the camera right though to the final product ready to print.

  5. Parr A

    I cannot recommend this course highly enough!
    Matty is truly a great teacher – very knowledgeable and generous with his time and expertise. His enthusiastic and warm manner helps you to grow in skills and confidence rapidly. During the course, he takes you from basics to beyond and gives excellent and constructive feedback to equip you to take great pictures.

  6. Farres Owida (verified owner)

    I took booked myself on Matty’s course after seeing a post about it on a friend’s facebook page.

    Reading about his credentials I was assured that I can take a lot on board from the course.

    I attended eager to apply new techniques being open to new ideas and willing to re-learn concepts if necessary.

    No question about it, an excellent introductory course.
    ..but interspersed among its content and tuition are gems of knowledge to those curious to seek and investigate.
    Small bits of information that give moments of insight and clarity that can shift paradigms in your approach to photography.

    I was actually modifying and streamlining my camera rig mid-class in anticipation to apply new techniques with a dive slate filled with scribbles of different settings to experiment with.

    I walk away with a deeper appreciation of subject illumination and the finer technical facets in approaching photography. Implementing a solid workflow process as well as the confidence to begin entering competitions.

    I look forward to hearing about additional/advanced courses. Definitely watching this space.

  7. Daniela Fierro (verified owner)

    I honestly never expected to enjoy the course so much!
    Very easy to follow and Matty is very personable.
    I attended with the intent of learning underwater photography skills while keeping my equipment basic and photography not completely overtaking my dives.
    After 2 awesome dives, I am keen to apply the skills Matty discussed in the workshop even further.
    I also thoroughly enjoyed the editing section.
    Very grateful for the opportunity, and would definitely recommend the course.
    Thanks again Matty!

  8. Kylie Jonasson

    Budding underwater photographer? Do this course!!!

    Matty is an exceptional teacher, great communicator and very patient working with all members of the class where ever they’re at. We were a small group of 5 with a mix of levels of camera knowledge and equipment. Matty took time with each class member wherever we were at in our journey.

    Even if you think you understand exposure and metering on land, do this course for your underwater shots….it will take them to the next level. If you don’t understand these concepts it doesn’t matter, you will learn them and understand how to apply them.

    Matty talked us through a number of his photos as practical examples of different techniques. Hard not to get distracted by his AMAZING shots but very very useful to understand how to layer ambient and artificial light to get those real 3d shots we all crave!

    The workflow and Photoshop lesson was also really really useful.

    A privilege to have such a world class and highly esteemed photographer on our doorstep sharing his knowledge.

    Oh and he’s a really nice guy to boot!!

    thank you Matty!

  9. Steve (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend this course to any inspiring photographers who want to take their photography to the next level.

    Matty is the ultimate professional, fantastic teacher and really nice guy making learning informative and fun. A great mix of theory, questions and answers and practical instruction both in and out of the water.

    I can not wait to put this knowledge into practice and will definitely be doing the intermediate/advances courses in the future.

  10. Erick Fuentes

    An excellent workshop/course and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their underwater photography.
    Social distancing – no problem! With less participants, it meant we could get just about as close to a 1 on 1 tutoring session with Matty. We covered far more than planned.

    The best tips were Matty’s “hunting” or “stalking” techniques to nail those much wanted shots and the importance of getting close to your subject.

    Bad weather/poor visibility – no problem! Matty was very adaptable and gave us many options so that we could get our practice shots. We decided to postpone our dive by a day and the next day we had a 75 minute dive! And even though I failed to check my camera strobe settings pre-dive (“amateur mistake”), having learned the use of of full manual mode the day before meat that I was still able to take pictures with natural light, so the dive and course did not get wasted.

    The post processing tips also very useful specially the file management and archiving – something I can take to my day to day job.

    I will definitely do another course or two with Matty after a few more shooting dives under my belt.

    Thank you Matty.

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