I'm just starting out in wildlife photogaphy, what advice can you give me?

October 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Silver Tip Shark A common mistake that many new comers to wildlife photography make is to quickly get frustrated if they don’t achieve instant results. Like anything worth doing it takes time and practice, so don’t just rely on having the best camera for your success.

Many people ask “How many pictures did you take to get that one?” And truthfully the answer is often “Thousands”. Pressing the shutter on the chance of a lifetime image is commonly the last link in a long chain of events that led to being there in the moment at the right time.

Before you even pick up a camera you should thoroughly research your subject. Learn its behaviour and where it is most likely to be at any given time. Be prepared for many early mornings and unsociable hours. Then when you get your shot you really feel like you’ve earned it and rightly so.

If you have a vision of what you want to shoot, stick with it. With time and experience you’ll get your shot. At first don’t be too obsessed with travel to far off countries, practice on wildlife in your own backyard so that you can hone the skills which will allow you to make the most of any overseas photography trips later.




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